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The Avril Show Foundation Reputation is Built on Loyalty.


The Avril Show Foundation is about Change. We build our reputation on Lifting others up when they cannot lift themselves. Every Year we Raise Funds to support the needs of Cancer Researched, Donate Funds to back to Schools in our communities and beyond, Support Cancer walks and believe in supporting summer programs so that parents who are struggling for the summer with their children can be able to send their children to summer VBS Program for free where their children are safe, Fed and Educate.


You can Count on The Avril Show Foundation to Deliver what we promise to our Community. Join us Every Year the First Friday in June for our Annual Fun Raising Cancer, Business and Leadership Dinner Award Ceremony. 


Be sure to email us information on About anyone you feel deserved to be Honored during our Annual Award Ceremony. That person must be a Cancer Survivor Men, Women, boy or Girl. Someone who owns a Business or is a Business Person and give back or is making a difference in the Community, Someone who Give of their Time to helping out in the community and most of all Someone who is a Great Leader , Supporter or a Motivator. That person can be your Mother, Friend, Sister or Brother but they must be someone who is making a difference in the Lives of others.

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